Recovery pump
graduated compression device - press therapy, the most aggressive passive rehabilitation solution

The Recovery Pump is a revolutionary method of passive recovery and rehabilitation for the whole body.

The device is made in America, is used by NBA athletes in recent years and has a rapid effect on the lymphatic, venous and muscular systems.

Steph Curry (2015 NBA MVP) has stated that “Recovery Pump is what keeps my feet fresh for every game; I do not know what I would do without it.”

How is Recovery Pump applied?

The person lies down in a comfortable position wearing light clothing and special covers (boots) are placed, which contain 16 compression chambers, on the legs, waist and upper extremity.

Then the treatment starts through these chambers, where air is channeled, and they start to compress all the areas of the body successively, performing 4 very important processes:

  1. Increased circulation of the venous system
  2. Removal of negative products of metabolism (metabolic residues)
  3. Acceleration in the restoration and channeling of edema, inflammation and lactic acid
  4. Rejuvenation

“RECOVERY PUMP is considered the new and most aggressive passive rehabilitation solution worldwide”

In which cases is the Recovery Pump deemed necessary?

Fatigued Legs & Hands

With only 20 minutes of consecutive compression, it relieves muscle cramps and reduces muscle fatigue by 45% with just 1 session.

Swollen Legs & Hands

By acting rapidly on the venous and lymphatic systems, it reduces swelling in the extremities which can be due to various reasons such as retention, standing or reduced contractile capacity of the muscles due to abstinence from exercise.

Swelling – Inflammation and Lactic Acid

Immediately removes all inflammation in the body, persistent old swelling, as well as lactic acid directly after training.


It has replaced the old traditional methods of press therapy and is used with excellent results in lymphedema conditions. It is used in combination with lymphatic drainage techniques.


Significantly contributes to the reduced development of cellulite and toning of loose skin. It is one of our main tools in the special Physio Aesthetics department that we have in our place.

Circulation problems

It greatly improves blood circulation and is used to prevent blood clots and varicose veins.

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