Lymphatic Massage
Manual Lymph Drainage (according to Vodder)

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) or as it is widely used with the term Lymphatic Massage, is a separate, gentle and rhythmic chiropractic technique, performed in order to affect the function of the lymphatic system. This is a scientifically proven intervention that is an integral part of physiotherapy.

Its main purpose is to improve lymph flow and successful tissue drainage. It is neither painful nor unpleasant. On the contrary, it is particularly stimulating and invigorating, while it has as an essential condition to be performed by professional therapists.

But what is the lymphatic system and what is its role?

It is a drainage system, through which the intercellular proteins return to the bloodstream. It also has the ability to remove substances that are harmful and toxic to the human body (e.g. bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, toxins). Its most important functions include:

  • Immune function (lymphocyte circulation, mechanism of the body’s immune response)
  • Provide fluid volume in situations where blood volume is deficient
  • Return of lymphatic load
  • Transport of proteins and fats
  • Prevent the spread of cancer cells

Dr. Vodder (1930), was the first to introduce this method of massage, understanding that the lymphatic stagnation is particularly dangerous for the human body, because the tissues are poisoned by their own “waste”.

Since then, the specific chiropractic technique, either in combination or individually, is applied in the following cases:

  • When the lymphatic system is insufficient and edema occurs
  • In injuries
  • During sports physiotherapy
  • In rheumatic diseases
  • For immediate and deep relaxation in situations of fatigue and intense stress
  • To reduce cellulite. In combination with a specialized diet and exercise program, it can prevent the recurrence of cellulite and the amount of swollen adipose tissue in the body.
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