Field Power
innovative method of functional rehabilitation

FieldPower is an innovative method of functional rehabilitation aiming at enhancing the explosiveness, strength, stabilization and dexterity of the individual.

It is used in the context of therapeutic exercise with the ultimate goal of reintegrating the athlete into his sport, having recovered by using what he was deprived of after his injury. Its use enables us to perform a rich exercise program, aiming to improve neuromuscular fitting.

More specifically, it allows you to perform many exercises such as squat, jumping, pulling, step, sprint, throwing, etc., fast or slow, eccentric or concentric, with resistance for any part of the body, in any direction with a range of movement up to 20 meters!

It contributes significantly to its improvement

strength, acceleration, stabilization, dexterity, explosiveness, speed, functionality through the simulation of each sport, etc.

1) Exercise at any speed

No matter how you choose to exercise, with fast or slow but always explosive movements, the resistance is always there, even when, during a jump, you are still in the air. Therefore, the body exercises differently in each phase. Therefore, Field Power offers the best and safest way to improve your performance.

2) Functional Training

The more specific the exercise is in both, movement and speed, the better the results. With FieldPower you can perform very specific movements, with a constant resistance. It allows the movement of up to 20 meters distance with resistances from 1 to 50 kg.

3) Safe for everyone

Whether you are a professional athlete, just a trainee or in a recovery phase, and regardless of your age, FIELDPOWER offers you the ideal extra incentive! You can perform all kinds of exercises without fear, jumping freely as long as there are no dangerous extreme loads when landing.

4) Fast and enjoyable exercise

Strengthening exercises, for some people, can be difficult and very tiring. Many people feel tired after completing them.

FIELDPOWER can be tedious, but in the end it offers a sense of rejuvenation. The muscles are ideally trained. A quick training session is very effective with FIELDPOWER.

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