Dry Needle Technique
The dry needle technique is a special acupuncture method that aims to reduce
the symptoms of pain due to muscles and fascia (myofascial syndrome)

In which conditions is the Dry Needle technique used?

The method finds perfect application in the muscle spasms and trigger points (pain trigger points) that patients show in all parts of the body.

By the term muscle spasm we mean tight muscle bundles that one feels, for example in the neck, back, calves, glutes, etc. These are the areas of the muscles that patients usually call “knots”.

If the therapist follows the assessment of the area that the patient is “complaining about”, it is likely to identify areas on the muscles that cause pain on palpation. These points, due to the fascia are likely to even cause reflection of pain. For this reason, headaches are caused due to trigger points of the neck muscles.

How is the Dry Needle technique applied?

Once the painful area is examined and the points on the muscles that trigger the pain are identified, a special needle is inserted and manipulated intramuscularly, causing reflex involuntary muscle contractions.

With this mechanism we achieve elongation of the contracted muscle fibers and finally their relaxation. The oxygen supply to the area then increases causing relief, while the area ceases to release pain symptoms.

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