Our Philosophy

We recently founded an Advanced Physiotherapy Center


Our love for the documented physiotherapy practice, after we have completed specialized studies in various fields of health sciences, led us to the need to create a space that will be based on two principles:
• Providing innovative rehabilitation applications
• Personalization of the treatment plan, according to the needs of each patient


Our vision has been and still is to create an Advanced Physiotherapy Center that will operate and provide special services of equal quality to the standards of worldwide centers!

Physioclock – The time for physiotherapy

The clock symbolizes time…

Speed in the recovery of the patient

Our center, in accordance with the European standards, is a highly equipped standard physiotherapy center. Our main goal is the complete and immediate provision of rehabilitation and recovery services, maintaining at the same time the high quality of the health services. The main ingredients for achieving this goal are the interdisciplinarity and the excellent training of the health professionals who work in a consistent way in the field, in combination with the innovative rehabilitation and health services provided. The modern equipment is an important pillar of the rehabilitation provided in our physiotherapy center, which is framed by therapeutic exercise and kinesiotherapy, and all this combined together with our dedication to our profession, have the greatest contribution to the patient’s speedy recovery.

Accuracy in the act of intervention

The management of all our patients is guided by the application of a scientifically proven (evidence-based) modern physiotherapy practice according to the latest clinical guidelines that govern the field of rehabilitation worldwide and are derivatives of international research studies. Our special desire is the development of special rehabilitation departments in special categories of diseases, in which we specialized in during our postgraduate studies and are currently not widely available in our area, in order for a smaller, but quite significant percentage of the total number of patients, to find organized rehabilitation solutions.

Rhythm in life again

The rehabilitation services of Physioclock ADVANCED PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTER are patient-centered and each case follows a specialized physiotherapy intervention. The rehabilitation programs provided are in line with the basic worldwide philosophy of rehabilitation: the philosophy of active participation of each patient in the management of his problem, informing him on the subject and explaining his case to him and training him in how to self-manage it. In this way we give a pulse to his quality of life…

Albert Einstein “Time is an illusion…”

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