Iliopoulou Anna-Maria

Iliopoulou Anna-Maria

Iliopoulou Anna-Maria was born in Larissa in 1993. She completed her studies in physiotherapy as well as her postgraduate studies in “Advanced Physiotherapy” at the University of Thessaly, where she overachieved and excelled in the third semester.

In the past she has worked in a rehabilitation center, thus developing her clinical skills in the management of musculoskeletal pain. At the same time, he has participated in both Panhellenic and more specialized scientific conferences, such as that of the Fragility Fracture Network.

She is still training in special rehabilitation techniques in order to be informed about the latest developments in the field of physiotherapy. One such special training course is the international certification she holds in the treatment of lymphedema, using the Vodder method. Diseases of the lymphatic system pique her clinical interest and make her actively participate in innovative rehabilitation applications. She is a certified physiotherapist of the Otago Fall Prevention Program implemented in America, which aims to prevent falls in the elderly. In 2019 she completed her research study and dissertation based on fall prevention, which she presents even today at various conferences and seminars throughout Greece.

Further training

  • Special therapist of Lymphatic system diseases-Vodder method
  • Biomedical & Aesthetic Acupuncture
  • Specialized therapist for pelvic floor disorders
  • Head of the Otago Exercise Program for fall prevention
  • Shoulder dysfunction associated with shoulder pathologies
  • Certified therapist of the Kinesiotaping method (KT1, KT2, KT3)
  • Certified therapist for the use of Shockwave therapy


Participations in Panhellenic Physiotherapy Conferences

  • Iliopoulou A.-M., Emmanouilidis A., Petta G., Sakellari V. (2018). “Results of a targeted event to raise awareness of the elderly for the prevention of falls” 28th Panhellenic Conference on Physiotherapy, Athens
  • Iliopoulou A.-M., Emmanouilidis A., Spanos S., Petta G., Sakellari V. (2019). “Evaluation of the cognitive and functional level of the elderly participating in a fall prevention program”. 1st Fragility Network Conference, Patra
  • Networking session on “The effect of the implementation of exercise programs and ergonomic intervention on safety and reduction of falls in the Greek elderly” 29th Panhellenic Conference on Physiotherapy, Athens
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